Pure Water Technology

The extendable water pole allows access to difficult to reach windows where before they were only reachable by ladder. Through as system of filters, hoses and brushes  and allows for much better access and cost efficiency.

Pure Water technology

Reasons to use the pure water system for your GTA windows.


The pure water system delivers great cleaning results from the dirt particles being broken up using a purpose made, soft bristle brush, and rinsed away using completely pure water. You may be surprised that no chemicals or detergents are used.

Health and Safety Regulations

Legislation now limits the use of ladders. Using a clean water system allows us to clean the windows from the safety of the ground.

Increased Privacy

Customers will appreciate that no window cleaners will be popping up in their windows.

Improved Access

We can now reach with ease, inaccessible windows of your property, such as large overhang windows from the fith floor down.

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